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Forty years ago, two brothers moved to Hawaii. They were drawn to the islands by the rugged, natural beauty they encountered on previous visits, but also quickly fell in love with the kindness and famous “Aloha Spirit” they were welcomed with by the local communities upon their arrival.

After saving for many years, the brothers were able to open their first store selling Hawaiian print clothing on the shores of iconic Waikiki in the spring of 1989. Their mission was simple: spread Aloha and the Hawaiian Spirit to locals and tourists alike.

While this shop was small and modest, for the brothers it was the culmination of years of hard work and dedication! Over time, their business on the beach grew, but the brothers felt something was missing. 

While they were able to spread the Hawaiian spirit to those lucky enough to visit Waikiki, they began to think about the people who were not in Hawaii, but wanted some of the same cheer and fun in their clothing. So in 1999 they took a leap of faith and pivoted the business to focus on manufacturing and distributing high quality, Hawaiian-print clothing all over the world!

Kona Supply was born and 20 years later, our mission remains the same… to spread love and the Hawaiian spirit from our family to yours. All of our products are ALWAYS hand-stitched in Hawaii with the highest quality fabrics and materials. Your satisfaction means the world to us.

We hope our clothes bring Aloha to your day, wherever you are! 

Mahalo Nui Loa!!

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